Tino Bomelino

Mit der Kraft der Power
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Are you not satisfied with your life? You see a pack of cheese slices melting in the sun and think “same”? You just read three questions? Then this show is so extremely wrong for you that it is maximally right again!
If this program were a boat, it would be a DOUBLE DECK CATAMARAN and COMPLETELY NOT SUITABLE for a STAGE! TUT TUT!
With the KRAFT the POWER is not only a COMEDY program but also an ILLEGAL TRADING PLACE for PYRAMIDS. Bring me a SMALL PYRAMID, this is your initial investment. Convince 10 friends to PARTICIPATE and you will get YOUR PYRAMID BACK 100% guaranteed !!! (THE SCRATCHES WERE ALREADY)! IT COULD BE EASIER !!! BUT IT IS NOT?????
If you are now wondering what this program is all about, then YOU’RE CATCHED ME OK?!?!? I promise you that by this date I will definitely have something MEGAL FUN prepared. There will be PICTURES, and I will also tell funny THINGS and sing SONGS on the LOOPSTATION, which I definitely HAVE REMEMBERED. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME, MY GOOD? !! Further promises that I will keep one hundred percent:
EXCLUSIVE GUARANTEE: Will I tell the gags in other cities in the same way? – Yes.
But will I feel as comfortable as I do in your city? – Also yes.
Visit this program 1 time and immediately rise to the rank of POWERSLAWINER. Power slavers are better than normal people. You can go to the toilet exactly right (not too early and not too late) and sort the heavy items into the bag first at the checkout.
Visit this program 5 times and you will get the CHEAP VERSION OF ENLIGHTENED and have a 5 minute VERY UNPLEASANT conversation with the “” “ARTIST” ””.
Visit this program 19 times and you will get TEN THOUSAND LIEBCOINS and I will ask you EXCLUSIVELY what is actually NOT OK with you, put you in your HEIDBED and give yourself – oh what the heck TWO (!) GOOD NIGHT KISSES.
You will definitely get your money back if you are not satisfied AND CAN CATCH ME !! Otherwise WATCH MY ASSET GROW!
The power of power be with you! Your TINO BOMELINO ❤

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Untertitle - Mit der Kraft der Power

Bestuhlung - vollbestuhlt

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Datum tag - 10

Datum Monat - Jun

VVK Preis - 19,70

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